EGN Chair Certificate

The EGN Chair Certificate demonstrates that the Chair has meritoriously attended the EGN Chair Academy’s six-step programme and is thereby a certified Peer Group Chair for EGN.

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All EGN Chairs undertake a six-step programme, which leads to certification in the areas of group development, leadership coaching and meetings facilitation. 

The EGN Chair Academy also focuses on personal performance and communications and provides the participants with practical tools they can use to strengthen and structure the peer groups they are managing. 

The purpose of the certification programme is to create the best possible conditions for value creation for our members.

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Key Learning Outcomes

+ Deliver the EGN Value Proposition

+ Acquire knowledge of tools to structure and facilitate peer networks

+ Acquire knowledge of tools to structure and facilitate meetings

+ Learn the fundamental rules of group dynamics

+ Learn the theory and techniques behind leadership coaching

+ Develop and use peer group vision as a value driver for member experience.

The EGN Chair Certificate is part of the EGN Network & Leadership Certificate Programme.

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