1 March 2018

Free e-book: Being Manager, Leader and Coach

Free e-book: Being Manager, Leader and Coach

A good manager needs to master multiple roles and will consequently meet challenges or feel unaccustomed dealing with certain issues. Download our free e-book and learn how to successfully manoeuvre between the roles as manager, leader and coach.

How can you develop your personal style of leadership? In which areas should you focus to build an even more effective team? And how can you become better at coaching your employees as a manager? This is some of the most common challenges that managers have to deal with.

Fundamentally, the answer to all three questions is to master the disciplines: manager, leader and coach. You need to constantly perform in all three roles, and furthermore feel confident when doing so.

This e-book provides practical advice, tips and exercises to help you succeed.

Download ‘Being Manager, Leader and Coach’ here:

Click here to download the free e-book: Being Manager, Leader and Coach

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